About Me

My welcome:


I’m retired!  Now I get to concentrate on what I’ve always wanted to do, and that’s  to utilize  my talents and  live the rest of my life in the world I only floated around in.  Alas,  either the opportunity died or I never made the serious sacrifice/commitment to follow through.  Something about the job I already had, and a family, that kind of took over.  I now get to write, do lots of reading, take lots of pictures, play around with music, get into video, and on and on and on.

I want to share this journey with everybody, and especially with those of you who are like me:  retired, starting (or now focusing your full attention to) a second career, and especially share with those of you who write, love music, and basically enjoy life!

My interests also includes:

  • Almost all sports, but especially both college and pro football
  • I’m a perpetual golf beginner (read: never practiced like I should) who can now put in the time
  • If it has anything to do with space and space travel I’m on it!   I just recently had the time of my life on the “Mission: Space” ride at Epcot
  • Favorite books (and authors) are the Conan the Barbarian (Robert E. Howard) and James Bond (Ian Fleming) novels. Fond childhood memories of summer days in the library with the smell of old books, reading, reading, and reading.  Also enjoyed the books by Frank Yerby.
  • My music taste runs the gamut from Dance/Electronica to New Age (ex-DJ here)  Favorite Sirius channels are BPM, Chill, and Soultown


At last the whole world of possibilities I’ve dreamed about is in front of me! There’s so much to explore! So much to learn!  (cue the visual:  Snoopy doing his happy dance)  I’m like a kid who’s been given the keys to the toy store, or even better, given the keys to an hour of free shopping at Best Buy!   (I wish!!!!)

This is Version 2.0 of my life.  A complete reboot with new software (spiritual and mental) and new goals.

I’ll become a student again in 2012, working on my Certificates for Voice Over and for Creative Writing.  I’m  having fun with web-based activity through sites such as Writer’s Digest, and I’ve spent a ton of $$$ at the bookstores.  In a sense I’ve accumulated  a lot of building material, now it’s time to start using them.

This is my Personal Renaissance!

** Renaissance:  Resurrection of a Dream Deferred

Renaissance |ˈrenəˌsäns, -ˌzäns|

the revival of art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th–16th centuries.

• the culture and style of art and architecture developed during this era.

• (as noun a renaissance) a revival of or renewed interest in something: rail travel is enjoying a renaissance.  



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