Last week was fun, creating titles for books/articles/etc. I’d like to write.  What i wanted to do was create spontaneously, first thing to come to mind.  Not spend anytime formatting or editing.  Main  goal was simply moving the thoughts from brain to “paper.”  The whole point of the exercise is to get the creative juices going.

So here’s the next one:

DAY 2:

Create a character with personality traits of someone you love, but the physical characteristics of someone you don’t care for.

Glad they didn’t use Hate.    The remaining vestiges of the Christian in me IS not (supposed to be) comfortable with hate, but, gee,  I can do this using the phrase “don’t care for” as an excuse (yea, I know, can’t fool God)

So as I begin to think of two people on opposite ends of my affection scale I discover  that a huge part of me absolutely refuses to mix the two.  Sad to say, I’m struggling separating hate from “don’t care about.”  Hate’s running pretty strong at this moment in my life – that is, it generates the stronger emotion much, much more easily. I can’t talk about my grandmother while giving her the features of the most “not care for” person in my life: a former co-worker whom I will not speak to ever again,  even at gunpoint.  Biggest joke in office during that time was the teasing I got about showing up at her retirement luncheon.

Did not go!!!

Everybody has limits, she stomped over mine!!

SEE!!! Now I’m all pissed off again!!!  😡

And I don’t want to put this on those I Iove.

Wow! Suddenly this exercise isn’t the piece of cake like I thought it would be.  I can’t separate the personality of the bad from their physical makeup.  Nope, nope, and no.. can’t do it!

Damn if this isn’t turning into a psychological exercise.  Couch time, free of charge.  Hmmmm…   post this, and then regroup.  The only spontaneous thing that’s happening is mental combustion!




  1. Interesting. I think you “thought” about this too deeply and missed the point of the exercise. After some couch time and regrouping, re-read the instructions and try it again. Here’s the thing: using the PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS of someone you don’t care for, could be fun. Instead of seeing it as some validation of this person you loathe, seeing as creating a whole new person. A whole new being entirely. You get to create a person using those people in your life. So, this person you hate — what did they LOOK like? What color was their hair? Eyes. Do the list. Enjoy this — don’t make it some validation of who they are — make it about developing a new character. An exercise. I think if you try it — you’ll enjoy it. And you’ll see how easily and fun it is to create a whole new character – human being.

    Just a thought. 😉

    1. You are absolutely right. I lost the “fiction” part. My whole focus has been nonfiction, so I read it in that mindset: making someone like my deceased grandmother look like someone else.

      Of course my feeble little brain has a hard time thinking of my bad people without not also recalling WHY they are my bad people. Gonna tackle this for sure though, good challenge for me.

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