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As any follower of my blog can tell by now, I tend to dwell on the GOOD THINGS in life.  I’m not untouched by BAD THINGS, I’m just uncomfortable talking about it.  What I keep hearing is that Bad Things, aka CONFLICT,  is considered  an integral part of writing.

Of course, you can’t have a novel without conflict.  Same for movies.   The hero has to struggle, overcome, or succumb, but there is conflict.  You set up the dominoes, giving each one a descriptive name,  and in Chapter One you knock over the first one.  Life is like that, and when Bad Things happen – the domino labeled “Conflict” falls –  I often wonder where and when the first one fell.  The worst dominoes are in the Deja Vu moment of  my life, the movie I’ve seen before and I know how it ends.  My  dog escapes and the one yard he choses to dig up happens to belong to the neighbor I  already have problems with. I hear the clacking sounds they make as they fall  and I think  the usual “oh, no, it can’t be happening again!”

Sometimes , if I’m smart enough, I can try to intercept one of them  before it falls.  More often than not, I sit in slack-jawed awe and watch them fall towards me, beat the crap out of me, and continue down the line.  I  look out the window and see the dog hauling ass to my neighbor’s yard.  “Sonofabitch DID happen again!”

So let me see, El Conflicto is a permanent travel partner, and if I’m writing  about life then it makes sense to at least recognize him in my writing.  Damn, that’s a hard pill to swallow.  Let’s see this example: I went to the park.  Met a movie star.  Had a nice conversation.  Told her I’m interested in writing screenplays.  She provided a contact, and  I live happily ever after. I’m not a starving screenwriter, I’m pretty content. Now I want to share that life changing experience.

And the conflict is…????????

Need to do some more thinking about this.    Discovery Moment here:  easier for me to write about conflict as a subject.

Maybe I need to get a better grip on what is conflict. Get beyond conflict = The Poseidon Adventure.  Try to determine in my example what  bad domino tumbled the one labeled “Chance Encounter Leads to Success”  ?


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