Hello All!

I have been extremely busy with my projects these last two months. It’s al of the analogies you can think of:

Putting 10lbs of something into a 5lb bag
Being in several places at the same time
Squeezing a balloon
..and so on…

Obviously something’s going to get left out, and i want to devote as much time as possible to the potential $$$$ earning tasks that’s priority number one, and it’s 50% of my time.

Everything that’s been told to me or I read or heard strongly advises me to treat it like a business, and it’s a LOT of work,but it’s fun. Just as much reading at there is writing. Serious network building going on also. And although I’ve received my Voiceover Certificate (cue the Hallelujah chorus) my training is far, far from complete. There are so many things to learn. It’s not as simple as stepping up to the microphone, or just having a good voice. There are techniques and skills I need to learn, so my VO trajectory is still on an upward slope. Got in a few auditions but no hire yet. Key word: practice, practice, and then more practice!!!

Writing has not been ignored, that’s the other 50% of my time. I’m into the second level Creative Nonfiction Writing workshop. All of my writing the last few months have been for the class, so chose to devote blog time to class time, although at the moment I’m blogging while doing my assignment I’ve written a lot of things, but I don’t want to post them here. I’m thinking about publishing one or two of them, and that means that I can’t post them. Posting = Published! That kills any chances of any magazine or website using your work.

I’m doing research for my next writing assignment, a profile, and in this case I’ve spent several days trying to observe my subject, making notes about how they act and interact with people. Then my next step is to engage in conversation and work towards an interview. I’ve only seen him once in the four times I’ve been here, in the heart of downtown Atlanta, looking for him. I ‘m pretty sure the fact that we’ve had temperatures in the 90’s and 100’s may have something to do with it.

Memo to self: next time I want to pick a subject to profile make sure they work INSIDE in the summer!!!!

So while I’m here waiting for my subject to show up thought I’d take a few minutes and get something new out here. When I get back home it’s back o he VO work task. I’ve got to generate more demos. This weekend I have to prepare the second draft of my profile for emailing to class by Monday deadline.

Yep, it’s busy, but it’s good busy!



  1. Being busy is so good! Congrats on all your creative travels. And, hey, this is just me but… don’t believe the hype! I mean, everyone will keep telling you what you should do….but use your gut, keep putting work out there, and trust that your talent, your hard work IS good enough! Sometimes people get so caught up in “learning” (taking classes, practicing), that they don’t end up DOING! You are as good, if not better than most, just in innate talent and definitely in effort and passion! So, go on, put it out there!

    Oh, and because I’m in such a strange mood to share: I had a coach tell me once, when you create a work of art, it is to be shared. If you keep your ART hidden, then you won’t be able to generate more ART because your energy is being spent protecting your art. I “published” (put up on my blog) one chapter of my book — the Chapter is called “Johnny”. I had been told by so many other people not to, that someone would steal it… blah, blah, blah. Eventually, I shared it, posted it and got such a flood of commentary and interest — it was so very worth it! I felt good, validated. That alone would have been enough! But, it led to something I did NOT expect: a meeting with a big time Hollywood Producer/Actor who has helped me move along with the rest of my book. And now, with the help of someone else who got interested in my Johnny chapter because it was a blog post, I am now sending my finished manuscript to an Editor in New York!

    My point is, in the beginning part of your creative journey, so many people will give you advice, especially because YOU THINK you don’t know how to do it “RIGHT”. But go with your gut. You are an Artist. And the best Artists, are those that never follow the rules and instead find their own path….

    I believe in you! It’s a gut thing!


    1. Thanks thanks and THANKS!!!!!

      I think my head’s going to explode. Right now it’s either writing or voiceover all day every day…kind of by choice. I mean I knew I would be tackling both, but it’s starting to grow like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors..

      “Feed Me, Dennis! Feed Me!”

      Not a complaint… like I said I want to tackle both, and right now it’s just simply trying to find a balance. That’s a Dennis problem, because I have ALWAYS tried to do several things at the same time. I’ve been reading a good book on voiceovers,and it’s taken me two weeks to get through the first two chapters. I just have to stop to do the exercise…but before I do that I need to put the rules steps on paper, so maybe I’ll open powerpoint..and then spend two hours screwing around with fonts and maybe add an image or two. Arrrrghhhh!!!

      Writing is coming easier to me, maybe because I’ve done it before as opposed to professional voiceover.

      You are right about me “thinking I don’t know what is right.” I think I have a branch of Barnes and Nobles in my office. I’m trying to avoid heading towards paralysis by analysis. Right, really working to start getting more “output” going!

      Keep me posted on book progress, and thanks again!

      1. No, Thank you!

        I love reading other people who went through or are going through the same exact thing I did — it makes me realize how very normal it is for an artist.

        But yes, I feel your pain! I toggle between being an actor, writer and voice-over artist. Oh yeah, and being HUMAN! We all get distracted, mess with powerpoint, play with fonts…been there done that! Ha! Don’t be too hard on yourself…. Life is good!

        Happy creating Dennis!

  2. Hi, I’m good busy too, and loving it! It was easy wasting my twenties, but it’s been,” time to work,” for 4 years now, everyday! I really hope you get some VO work, that sounds like a great job! Thank you for the follow! When a blind person writes, we see what they can’t, the symphony of what isn’t! Great to meet you! Good luck with your writing!

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