Month: July 2012


It’s been fun but exhausting doing research for my class paper! Attempting to profile street preachers, or as one web site calls it, “open air ministries.”

After three weeks of staking out a spot at the downtown Hooters and then walking from there to the Five Point MARTA station and also to Centennial Olympic Park I’ve only been able to get three sightings (two of the same guy in one day) and three street preachers in action. All I’m the midst of the HOTTEST days so far this summer. I did manage to get some reactions, but not a lot of dialog, and sadly NO interview. So much for my introduction to observing the profile subject. If it was a professional task (i.e. a writing assignment) I think I’d spend longer days looking around.

Since this is a work in progress I’m going to turn in something with what I have, and still pursue getting an interview. Wish me luck!



Hello All!

I have been extremely busy with my projects these last two months. It’s al of the analogies you can think of:

Putting 10lbs of something into a 5lb bag
Being in several places at the same time
Squeezing a balloon
..and so on…

Obviously something’s going to get left out, and i want to devote as much time as possible to the potential $$$$ earning tasks that’s priority number one, and it’s 50% of my time.

Everything that’s been told to me or I read or heard strongly advises me to treat it like a business, and it’s a LOT of work,but it’s fun. Just as much reading at there is writing. Serious network building going on also. And although I’ve received my Voiceover Certificate (cue the Hallelujah chorus) my training is far, far from complete. There are so many things to learn. It’s not as simple as stepping up to the microphone, or just having a good voice. There are techniques and skills I need to learn, so my VO trajectory is still on an upward slope. Got in a few auditions but no hire yet. Key word: practice, practice, and then more practice!!!

Writing has not been ignored, that’s the other 50% of my time. I’m into the second level Creative Nonfiction Writing workshop. All of my writing the last few months have been for the class, so chose to devote blog time to class time, although at the moment I’m blogging while doing my assignment I’ve written a lot of things, but I don’t want to post them here. I’m thinking about publishing one or two of them, and that means that I can’t post them. Posting = Published! That kills any chances of any magazine or website using your work.

I’m doing research for my next writing assignment, a profile, and in this case I’ve spent several days trying to observe my subject, making notes about how they act and interact with people. Then my next step is to engage in conversation and work towards an interview. I’ve only seen him once in the four times I’ve been here, in the heart of downtown Atlanta, looking for him. I ‘m pretty sure the fact that we’ve had temperatures in the 90’s and 100’s may have something to do with it.

Memo to self: next time I want to pick a subject to profile make sure they work INSIDE in the summer!!!!

So while I’m here waiting for my subject to show up thought I’d take a few minutes and get something new out here. When I get back home it’s back o he VO work task. I’ve got to generate more demos. This weekend I have to prepare the second draft of my profile for emailing to class by Monday deadline.

Yep, it’s busy, but it’s good busy!