Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! To Work with Words I Go!!

A very quick post today. (Editor’s note:  I wrote that sentence over an hour ago) I am knee-deep in creating my Voice-over site.  My self-imposed deadline is “past-due.”  As soon as I’ve posted this it’s back to work.  My new target is Monday the 15th, but depending on the method I use it might take a little longer, as I’ may have to wait on set up response times.  I’m not going with a blog for the VO site, I need to set it up as a separate web site.  Right now reading up on process and deciding on hosting service.  Lots of reading and research.  This is a priority on the list of things to do.    I also joined a local Voice-over networking group along with a few of my VO classmates.  One of the things we  learned first day is the importance of networking in this business.  It’s OK for me to have fun and enjoy it, but talking to myself is not going to advance me.  There’s work to do for the spoken words!

My writing assignment for one of my new classes is creating a  profile of a person I do not know, and so I’m now concentrating on that.

Aw heck, let’s not miss chance to get a little writing fun in:

Alas,  I am charged with  task of unwrapping and displaying to you, fair readers , the life, the persona, yea if I could the entire essence of the soul of a stranger, one who does not know me, nor I him or her.  Note ye, if  such task was thrust upon me in my youth ‘twould make an interesting  instrument to aid me in my journey through the cavernous halls of the buildings I visited often, amid the strobe lights flashing and the cacophony of  noises, the singing of the  noted Minstrel 50 Cents thundering from the speakers and the hundreds of voices forcing me to concentrate with all my being on my task – find the unknown woman whose tale must be told, whose life I must probe, for I am In the Club!    Alas (again) those days have become shadows of the past,  and I am now seated at  the table of my spouse’s love, and thus my search must move to saner, yea, safer lands, with purpose clearer in mind  and desire for other treasures, removed  from the heart of the task, also removed from thoughts.

(Been watching waaaay too much Spartacus)

I joked in the last post about doing a profile on celebrities like Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  Who knows, maybe if I approach someone with “Can you help me with my homework?” it might work!  In any event, it’s due in a couple of weeks, so I have to get on the case starting now. A little something about a  five-page  minimum requirement seems to add a sense of urgency.

So not a lot of musings today.  I promised you and myself not to just post to be posting – don’t want to  just put junk here.  As I said, not a lot of time for musings today, especially sinceI get my mind in gear for this anyway – too worried about getting the web site up and running.  Nah,  I killed those strikethroughs. I got too carried away being silly, but it’s ok!   Didn’t want to waste an opportunity to play around with the written word.IMG_4557 - The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train



  1. Dennis, Dennis, Dennis! You are too funny! I’m glad I’m following you. Ha! A couple of thoughts: I just finished re-doing my website — well, actually, just adding more. It’s not specifically ONLY for voice-over work, but for my “creative life”, for lack of a better word(s). Isn’t it kinda fun? I love trying to create or BRAND myself using the web — not sure I’ve done it perfectly, but I’m always working on it!

    Secondly, wish I could help you with writing a profile on Beyonce and Jay-Z — on the one hand, sounds like fun, on the other..I’m so glad I’m not writing it! And 5 pages? OY! Good luck!

    ….yes, watching too much Spartacus…but kinda brilliant too! 🙂

    1. Glad you liked it. I am sooooo tempted to do as you did, and just add a page to my blog, in the same spirit as you: my written and spoken words all together. Wrestling with advice from my instructor, who said you want those looking for you to be able to find you in as few clicks as possible, and most talent have a VO only website. I checked out VU and Voicebank.net, and so far that’s what I see – a lot of people with their own site that’s all VO. Those who sign up for Voices123 receive their own profile page that they can use. Basically I’m still a little confused, and that’s what I’ve burned up the whole week with. I’m perfectly capable of being in this same spot on the 15th of MAY, my habit of paralysis by analysis is starting to creep in. As far as the paper.. sheesh!!! Due on the 30th. The little imp on my shoulder is suggesting the next time I go to Hooters I could do a “Profile of a Hooter’s Waitress.” Back, back, begone damn shadows of my youth!!!!!!!

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