“So, as I was saying…”

Alright, enough already with this wrist thing!

I feel like I’m so far behind!!!  Writing is NOT a contact sport, so I’ll just man up and get back on track – work on  a couple of posts and redesign this site.  There’s also a neat little software tool I’ve never used before that I want to try to incorporate as well.  Tried practicing it  yesterday but discovered I can’t do it while wearing this wrist splint, plus I need to find documentation on it, unfortunately not provided.  Anyway, it’s added to my task list.

I’m a month into my writing and voiceover classes now and I think I’ve settled into my work pattern.  I’ll do a separate post for that part of my life.  One thing I have discovered is that I can’t deviate from Friday’s being post days, but I want to be careful and not fining myself posting just to be posting.  I’d like to have you, my visitor, come away having discovered something about me, my writing journey, my voiceover quest, everything.  I like what the singer Tony Bennett had to say about constantly practicing his scales everyday, even though he’s in his 80’s:

‘The first day you don’t do the scales, you know. The second day, the musicians know. The third day, the audience knows.”

So I want to be careful and not just post to satisfy my own arbitrary deadline.  I want the slope going up, not a flat line.  I also want to start applying what I’m learning in my writing classes to this blog.  This is my journal, public by my choice, so I  choose to make this the archive of my growth.

Now, for a major vent:

“My cursor is a gremlin, and it’s killing me!”

Cursor crt

I don’t consider myself the best typist, but what’s happening lately with me and the keyboards is draining me absolutely crazy.  When I do get a little roll going I just type away, trying to get all that thought out before it disappears.  I look up at the screen and my words are all over the place.  Let me show you what happened during one of my free writing sessions:

i really enjoy this, and i don’t want to to worry and i don’t w now the cursor has jumped again and this is really driving me crazy really driving me crazy now i am typing in blue satrting here to se where the cursor starts jumping and you can see where my furstration comes in I’m not going to look at hthe screen i am just going to be typing… pleas lord be with all… help all, feeling so good and flying so high please don’t let me fail in this..  and ll i want to do is be happy doinow i see what happened here..i was typing and then i hit backspace and it jumped to this spot!!! so blue was where i was before this crap happenedeng something because ei enjoy it i hope it is not wrong of me to ask this of you i hope you don’t think i’m not staying

The typos I can take, but somehow, someway,  the cursor jumps UP. I know I hit either backspace or return, so why does it jump up?  Of course,slowing down might make a difference, but I want to be in control. I  will tell the cursor where to go and when to go there!!!!  I know where the words are supposed to go!  This is a computer, it operates in bits-per-second, the signals move from the keyboard to the cpu to the screen at the speed of electricity, so it should be able to keep up with me!
filedesc http://www.epa.gov/win/winnews/images...Throw in auto-corection and I’ve had to revamp a lot of paragraphs!!  That’s a feature I need to remember to turn off!.  Mis-typing “as well as” becomes “swell”.
And no, I am NOT going to write it on paper first.  See the previous statement about control.  I have to confess one of my instructors did point out that transposing from paper to computer provides an opportunity to edit as you type, and maybe catch something or add something.  Sorry, I want control.  I’ve edited wild cursor movement several times while typing this post, and I think I am taking my time.
There, now I feel better!

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