Journey Interrupted

CAUTION:  Writing can be hazardous to your health!!

Well, I was not able to post last Friday, the schedule I want to use,  because I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I tried to deal with the pain (ignore) all week until finally Friday morning I went to the clinic.  So along with the pills and a wrist splint came the advice to give my wrist a few days rest.   I only gave it about a day and a half.

My New Friend - Wrist Stablizer

My New Friend - Wrist Stablizer (Photo credit: pchow98)

Domino effect: that pushed back any work I planned to do over the weekend on my homework..  One of the things that can really frustrate me is losing a head start.  I can devote  a whole blog post to the time I almost missed a flight due to an accident shutting down  the highway… turning an hour’s grace into a  mad dash through the airport. Next domino:  when I started homework I ended up spending more time than necessary writing because now I’m coming downhill towards the deadline with no brakes.  I lost any chance for a nice, leisurely  pace.

The next domino: crap’s hurting again.  So I’m going  to really stop this weekend, I’ve got homework due Thursday. I see a pattern developing here.

Good news is I’ve got a lot of stuff to talk about out… in my head!  I also really want to apply what I’m learning to this spot as well.  Also, there’s a little gimmick I want to start trying.  And oh yes, I am still having a ball!!!

So I’m looking forward to unloading next week.  I better stop now!!


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