Making Lemonade and Chicken Salad. About that Starbucks Thing…

… Does Hooters Count, also?

When I left this morning my intention was to work on my next post while waiting for my car repair, figuring it would only be about a couple of hours. It turned out that they had to wait for a part to be delivered. Now I’m faced with four hours to kill.

I decided to accept their offer to take me where I wanted to go and pick me up when repair would be completed. There!s a Starbucks not far away, but there really wasn’t much else around it. The other bookstore is in one of those shopping centers, where there are also stores like Home Depot, Target, and a Books-a-Million. This one gave me more options. Besides, I’d skipped breakfast and now had serious stomach noises going on, so I figured I’d also get something to eat. I asked the driver to drop me off at the Target, as the longer repair time now requires me to get a charger …which I forgot to pack at home. Target was out so I ended up getting it from the Radio Shack next door, and then walked to the Hooters. (Wi-Fi and food, you understand)

Photo classSo this is where I am now. While eating had an opportunity to do a little camera work. I just bogarted my way into the action, you’ll see they were looking at the photographer. I’ll have to add the photo when I get home, so I wont be able to try posting from my iPad this time. Right now it’s raining so the walk to Books-a-Million is on standby. Darn! If I thought a coffee shop had distractions…

Anyway it’s kind of cool how everything has worked out so far. I did get a chance to do some work away from my desk here at Hooters, and will get to experience that coffee shop thing. And… got a chance to play with the camera. Didn’t have time to play with the settings as I didn’t think they were going to wait for me.  Unfortunately this little episode’s coming via a not insignificant cash output for the car.

Bookstore table real estate:  better be fully charged!

The rain has turned into a tolerable mist, so I  take a nice little stroll to the coffee shop. Now I’m coming to you live from the table, in the corner, almost behind the pastry counter at Books-a-Million. Seems there’s only one, count ’em one outlet in the reading area. The top outlet is occupied by a young lady in front of me, the bottom has a power strip, and now I’m stretched out over the table and the power cord is stretched to reach the power strip. This is not what I had in mind. (hmm, should  I go back to Hooters?)

A visit to the counter for some cappuccino gave me an opportunity to ask the barista about the one thing I was always curious about: do you have to buy the book before you read it? Just seems to me that reading it off the shelf would be counterproductive to selling the book. Nope, I’ m wrong, but now enlightened.

“No sir, we figure why not give customers a chance to see if they like the book before buying it.”

Oh, ok. Guess Starbucks is running the same agenda. So does this mean this is basically a try before you buy library?

So now the lady in front of me has left and now I have her table and the outlet all to myself it’s mine all mine bwaaaahaahhaaaaa! Much better view from here. Dealer just called and advised my ride back will be here around 3:30, another hour and change to go. So far the time has not been wasted – you’re reading it – and I’ve  picked up on something. Maybe it’s tempered by the fact that I’m no longer in the back corner, but this isn’t so bad. The thoughts are flowing pretty good, and I’m having a little fun observing the people coming through this area. I’m looking at three white-haired ladies sipping coffee over books at a table in front of me. Friday garden club? Daughters of the Revolution? Church Auxiliary board meeting? Book club? Sisters of satan planning tonight’s whoop-de-doo?

Much, much better!!!

Another thing I noticed, it’s kind of cool to see things you’ve read about actually in play. One of the first books I read discussed the relationship between  publishing houses and bookstores. The prime space in a bookstore is right up front! It’s reserved for either the best-selling, established authors, or a real hot newcomer. On display here is Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Lincoln” and a new one from Grisham. If I remember correctly, that’s negotiated by the publishing house, not by the store. As soon as a clerk is available I’ll ask. It just got real busy, and more customers are coming in.  As I prepared to leave I did get a chance to talk to a couple of the clerks.  The store displays are discussed between the publishing houses and the chain.

Later that day…

Ok, I’m back home, much, much lighter in the wallet, but feeling pretty good about today’s adventures.  Adding the pictures. Reflecting on the day,  I can see where I’ve gained a little insight in to how I need to handle things.  I wanted to stick to a schedule for posting, but I’m discovering  it’s forcing me to be creative, and I don’t want to put something out that’s not good, just to meet my self-imposed deadline.  On the other hand, I don’t plan to sit around for days waiting until I get a Dom DeLuise as Caesar moment either.

The Muse is upon me... I must write!

The working away from  my house experience was not too shabby (yea, I know, Hooters, but B.A.M. was cool too)  I’ll take a second stab at the library.  Right now I’m a little prejudiced.  Based on what I feel so  far the library’s kind of …old.  I need to give it a fair shot, so I’ll try it.  BTW the conversations I had today with the driver from the car dealership is a whole new blog post by itself!  Again, another evidence of fact from my reading: talking to people is like opening a treasure chest of things to write about.

Oh, thankfully I didn’t  have any old lady report me for staring.

A rainy day, a big chunk of change gone from my wallet,  but overall a pretty good adventure. What’s that saying about making lemonade and chicken salad again?



  1. Isn’t it interesting how different locations can elicit different perspectives? BTW, whatever happened to the “to be continued” of the “Writing Prompts” blog? You got me hooked.

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