Camera time

Picture of some trees

"Landscape" setting. Nikon Coolpix L120

My old  camera

Rest in pieces. If I knew then what I'm learning now...

Among the gazillion things I’m doing is becoming familiar with my new camera.  I bought a Nikon Coolpix L120, and it’s either the camera or me but one of us can’t seem to get it together.  When I broke out my old SLR  (and I do mean old, we’re talking film here)  it was clear that it had been put away too long.  My telephoto and wide-angle lens attachment rings are cracked, and one of the lenses are scratched and smudged beyond repair.   Battery compartment secured through the greatest invention of the 20th century: duct tape!  I definitely had not planned to use my iPhone as my main camera, and definitely not even thinking about the iPad.

So I did some research and shook the piggy bank to see what was a good fit both technically and financially.  I didn’t look carefully enough though, as I really wanted to avoid a camera with presets only.  Misread on the Nikon, and presets are what I now have. Now I don’t have the freedom to adjust speed and exposure as I’d like to, although I can play around with adjusting the exposure through use of the  “+/-” button.  The funny thing is,  I’ve looked at  several DLSR cameras (what I really want) and they also have presets.  I think it’s back to the drawing board for research on a good camera in the future.

In the meantime, not going to let this one go to waste, and maybe I need to take a second look at the old Canon digital I also have.  That one is  only 8 pixels, and once again, my blog research said go for higher pixels for better quality.  The Nikon is 14 pixels, but it’s not going to do me any good if I can’t overcome the problems I’m having with the new one.  I purchased it just before going back to my college campus for alumni weekend and used it for the first time there.  One word:  TERRIBLE.

I was on my way to the store one winter day when the trees along the road caught my eye.  They stretch about a half-mile, and being no expert on trees I’m not sure what they are.  Thin trunk, white, and completely leafless.  The image in my mind was a wall of tree trunks, and I always thought it would make a good picture.  So yesterday I tried to tackle it, making this  my photography project.  I’ve got the image in my mind, now I’ve got to get it out, and this will be fun.

I think I see how to get the "wall."

Looking at the pictures yesterday didn’t make me happy.  I shot about a dozen  using the “landscape” setting and the same using   the “auto” setting.  What I got was not what I wanted in either setting, basically because it wasn’t that image of a  “wall” that I saw.  That’s composition.   I think I’ see what I need to do next, so it’s back to work.  In the meantime I’m adding a pic from my Orlando trip this past Christmas, showing the interior of a space station.  Shot that one while in line for the “Mission: Mars”  ride at Epcot.  (one for the astronaut in me!)  I used the “portrait > museum” setting.


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