…and ANOTHER thing!!!!!

Unsolicited Thoughts and Opinions

...and ANOTHER thing !!!!!

I’ve mentioned before that eventually I’d like to get a second blog going. Opinions, commentary, movie, and music reviews, what’s going on with my life, and on and on. Everything I’ve read and heard so far says a blog should be focused, developed so that when you come to it you know what the subject matter is. A blog that contains cookie recipes and commentary on world oil prices may not work. (unless it can show how the price of oil makes it difficult to bake said recipe, maybe)

Right now it’s a bit of a struggle to remember to just stick to one topic, so my words on politics, entertainment, sports, space exploration, or any of the other things that interest me will come later. I’ve seen other blogs that are a combination journal, opinion, and other things, and they really don’t look that bad.  I’ll follow those I like. I hope that   they’ll link back to this site.

But back to this blog.   Again, from my reading I know I still have much work to do on this site alone, among them building my links. For now I’m going to keep it focused on my media growth, however I don’t want this to be all words and no play either. Getting my act together here can’t do anything but help generate success for my next blog. Since this is my blog  (mine, mine, it’s all mine!)  I think I can figure out a way to work a few of the other things in, and it’s going to be this section.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

I’ve started using Twitter to get my thoughts out and I’m having a ball posting and replying to the folks I’m following. It really feels good knowing that your voice is out there, the ole “feels good to vent” idea. I’m not linking it back here in this post, again because I’m working on keeping this blog focused on words, sounds, and images. I’m not sure if I’d be distracting from it. Then again, may try it for a while and see how it works.  Feedback is appreciated.   Definitely not going to tie in to Facebook just yet.  One step at a time.


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