“So Dennis, what did you learn in school today?”

“Hello class, I’m Miss Flinglehogger-Smith and I’ll be your instructor for this course.”

Nothing is more fun than three ring binders.

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Back to school!!  Tomorrow is orientation for my Certificate in Creative Writing Program.

I went through a lot  of years of required corporate training classes,  with completion deadlines, constant tracking,  and  emails reminding you that you’re only 60% complete when you should be 75% complete at this point.  Copied to your managers of course!   Corporate training became a world of web-based, interactive training.  Learning because you have to is not as much fun as learning what you want to.  (the big set-up here:  how embarrassing it would be to fail?)

Now it’s all for me!!!   Since retiring I’ve accumulated a lot of, repeat, a LOT of books, and some of the results of that will hopefully be reflected in this journal.  But I could use a  little more structure and guidance, and this will be great.  I also think I’m going to enjoy being back in a classroom atmosphere, interacting with folks.

Right now it’s like I’ve accumulated a bunch of books and videos on how to be a ninja, but I don’t think I’m ready to infiltrate the villain’s  nuclear facility, take on the guards,  and disable it yet.   (gee, hope I didn’t just trigger any NSA taps)

So I’m enrolled in four courses set for the first quarter of this year, starting with two Orientations this month.  First one starts tomorrow!  Can’t wait !

…and if there IS a Miss Flinglehogger-Smith out there, please, please, oh please, accept my apologies for using your name without your permission!  I made your name up!  There CAN’T be two of you!


One comment

  1. Hey Big Brother,
    So glad that you are pursuing your dream and fulfilling what’s been in you all along. I’m looking forward to following this blog as I try to “endear” myself to this new-fangled technology! (smile) Keep up the good work!

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