Renaissance: Resurrection of Dreams Deferred

Version 2.0 – Retired / Rebooted

I’m retired, and now I get to concentrate on what I’ve always wanted to do, and that’s  live the rest of my life in the world of words, images, and sounds.  To write, do lots of reading, take lots of pictures, play around with music, get into video, and on and on and on…

At last the whole world of possibilities I’ve dreamed about lies in front of me.  There’s so much to explore!  So much to learn!  I’m like a kid who’s been given the keys to the toy store.

Version 2.0 of my life.  A complete reboot.  And the resurrection of a dream deferred.  All of those things I mentioned above I’ve touched in some form or fashion.   And that was way before the digital world we’re now living in!  Over the years:

  • I did work in front of and behind the camera for a local TV cable channel.
  • I’ve been a late night DJ on a radio training program.
  • I did voice overs for my job’s benefits coverage video.
  • I worked the cameras for a few of my company’s videos (after bugging the hell out of the Manager to give me a shot)
  • I spun records at house parties, wedding receptions.
  • I made cassettes and then CD’s  for my friends, but mostly for myself.  Created my own labels and pretended I was my own producer!!
  • Editor for my college newspaper my senior year.
  • Did a brief stint writing for a local magazine.
  • I made fliers for my friends businesses.


Renaissance:  Resurrection of  Dreams Deferred

Renaissance |ˈrenəˌsäns, -ˌzäns|

the revival of art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th–16th centuries.

• the culture and style of art and architecture developed during this era.

• (as noun a renaissance) a revival of or renewed interest in something: rail travel is enjoying a renaissance.

I always placed some kind of “label” on my activities.  Most of my writing and all of my music was under what I labeled “Project 13”, a title I decided to not go with this time around.

So in getting started on this phase I came up with “Renaissance:  Resurrection of a Dream Deferred”  to describe the overall effort I’m undertaking.   I think it covers the two main things I’ve been talking about:  my “renewed interest” that so happens to include the arts, and of course I “deferred” this for any number of reasons. “Dennis2.0” is my journal.


So here’s where I am…

I’ve enrolled in two certificate programs:  Voice Over and Creative Writing.  Orientation and classes start in January 2012, so I’ll be a student again!!!!!!!!!   In my corporate life I’ve taken many, many, many courses, and sometimes I wasn’t happy about the subject matter and the fact I HAD to take them.  Now, I train for myself, for my direct benefit.

I’ve also spent some time with a pretty good resource:  Writer’s Digest.  I participated in a few webinars and learned a few things.  I particularly liked the session on creating a blog and building an audience, conducted by Dan Blank.

Right now – and  I’m not exaggerating – I’m like a kid that just won a two-hour free shopping spree at Toys-R-Us.  Come to think of it, a better description is a two-hour free shopping spree at Best Buy!

The hardest task I see now is slowing myself down and tackling ONE THING AT A TIME.  I’m not anywhere close to describing myself as thinking “linear.”   (Some would say I’m not close to logical thinking either, but that’s another post)  There’s about  10,000 ideas floating in my head right now (but only about four or five voices though, ha!) and damn if I’m not trying to mentally handle at least half of them at the same time.

The time period from my retirement to now has been full of reading, researching, writing, and I’ve been having a ball!!!  I’ll save that story for another post, but at least let me show you the “roadmap” that I put together.  I started it before retirement and since then it’s being revised as I go along!  Trust me, it may look like a mess to you, but I know how the pieces fit and what the colors mean.

My roadmap

Mind-mapping... wall-sized

While all of this is  going on, I’’ll be  sharing this journey with you.  I’ve plans to create another blog, more of the opinion/essay type, but for now this is my personal essay and my training ground.  This is will be my home base for all of the one million things I’m thinking I’ll  be  doing.  I’m planning on keeping the fun  going, and I hope you find it interesting enough to share it with me.

Note:  The Renaissance artwork is originally by A. Douglas.  I just added the words.

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